Cooking in Sens

This morning Daisy at Cool Cook Style informed me that my blog had been featured at What’s Cook In   Mah-velous!  Thank you Daisy.  Thank you What’s Cook In!  Okay, one more Jamie from the budget issue.  Only 1 pound 19 per serving.  I can’t help it.  I think I’ve become, gasp, a Jamie Oliver groupie.

There are several things I liked about Jamie’s fish and chip recipe; No frying, 3 different chip flavors, an opportunity to try mushy peas which I’ve never had and I just happened to have some unopened malt vinegar languishing in the cupboard since my last “buy everything that you think you might ever need” shopping trip.  See, I was right!

I like peas and mushy peas are good!  The yogurt and mint really compliments them.  Don’t use those sugary sweet peas.  Bleah!  For the fish, I used cabillaud or cod but…

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